Press Release & Track Listing: THIS IS A NEED TO KNOW BASIS (Volume II)

PRESS RELEASE – This Is A Need To Know Basis (Volume II)

On January 31st, the second volume of This Is A Need To Know Basis will release digitally for free download via Persistent Heart Media. The compilation is split into two different parts. The final track listing is below.

Volume II features over forty artists, including Every Minute Can Kill, I Am Intention, Fake Figures, Words Like Daggers, Scream Out Loud, Drayton Sawyer, In Her Own Words, Fights and Fires, Prevenge, Shining Through, Boys No Good, Aintuse, The Living Daylights, and many others.

We would like to thank all the bands who participated on this compilation, as well as their managers, publicists, and labels for helping us secure permissions for this record.

A special thanks to the following labels for allowing their bands to be part of this: Indianola Records, Shillen Records, Lockjaw Records, Bad Mood Records, Pavones Records, Juicebox Recordings, Animal Style Records, Tiny Engines, Death To False Hope, Gas Can Music, Paper + Plastick, Autumn + Colour, Slospeak Records, Black Numbers, Solidarity Recordings, and Eulogy Recordings. Sorry if we forgot anybody!

Another special thanks to the bands (and their affiliates) that included brand new tracks from unreleased records!


This Is A Need To Know Basis (Volume II)

Part One
1. Words Like Daggers – “Preface”
2. Every Minute Can Kill – “His Name Was Mayhem”
3. Vices – “The Golden Age”
4. This Day Will Tell – “Sweet Dreams, Meet You There”
5. Scream Out Loud – “The Fear of Letting Go”
6. In Her Own Words – “Headed For Splitsville”
7. Ever After – “Hammerhead”
8. I Am Intention – “Rest”
9. Drayton Sawyer – “Super Decathlon (Demo)”
10. Streetz On Fire – “Sexy By 6”
11. Kady! Danger – “Mirrors”
12. Oh, Manhattan – “Giving Up Your Ghosts”
13. Fake Figures – “Something Deadly”
14. Simoom – “Far From The Eyes”
15. Quiet Travels – “Generate. Automate. Distress.”
16. Fights & Fires – “Weight”
17. Only Fumes And Corpses – “Never End”
18. Prevenge – “Ride”
19. Dig It Up – “Cops On Horses”
20. Wolves At Bay – “I Have Nothing To Offer”
21. Wavelets – “Cannonball”

Part Two
1. Hold Tight! – “Irony Is Fuckers”
2. Our Vinyl Vows – “A New Hope”
3. Shining Through – “Pills In Your Pocket”
4. Strange Vacation – “Just Sing”
5. Boys No Good – “So Far Gone”
6. Protagonist – “The Stranger the Boy Became”
7. Pioneer – “Treason”
8. Divided Heaven – “Keystone”
9. Corey Keller – “Forgiveness”
10. Austin Archer – “All In”
11. Owen Pye – “Barriers”
12. Mikey Sabatella – “2000 Miles Away”
13. The Reveling – “Left At Forkright”
14. The Mighty Fine – “To Indiana”
15. Nightlights – “Truffle Shuffle”
16. Ghost Robot Ninja Bear – “Watching Me Watching You”
17. Aintuse – “Live Your Life”
18. Antillectual – “Some of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters”
19. Laughing In The Face Of – “The Art of Burning Bridges”
20. Sosaveme – “Gentle Slope”
21. SONS – “Doubt”
22. Drones – “Shells Fall, Pins Pulled”
23. The Fear – “The Enemy of Sense”
24. The Living Daylights – “These Roads”
25. Blood & Water – “Traffic”

That’s a total of 46 tracks! We hope you consider this compilation for coverage and/or review. If you need to contact Persistent Heart Media regarding this release, use the following information:

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