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AMP Magazine interviews our own Every Minute Can Kill

Recently, AMP Magazine interviewed Every Minute Can Kill about their formation, their new album, inspirations, and more. Check out the full interview here!


Official Release Info: THIS IS A NEED TO KNOW BASIS

24 May 2011
For Immediate Release
THIS IS A NEED TO KNOW BASIS – Compilation [Various Artists]

This Is A Need To Know Basis to be released on Persistent Heart Media on 6/21/11
– Available for streaming and free download on day of release

This Is A Need To Know Basis will be the first album to come from Persistent Heart Media. It will be a purely digital release up for free streaming and downloading on multiple web sites upon release in late June. This compilation marks the first of one to come every quarter. Featuring both signed and unsigned artists, This Is A Need To Know Basis will surely gain new fans for every artists appearing. On it, you will hear rock, alternative, screamo, punk, metal, and a variety of other genres. Some of these artists will also see physical releases from PHM later this year.

Persistent Heart Media would like to give a special thanks to all the great independent/unsigned bands appearing on this compilation. Don’t forget to keep it real and close to the heart!

We would also like to give a huge thank you to the record labels that were kind enough to participate: Paper And Plastick Records, Gas Can Music, Indianola Records, Fiasco Records, Black Numbers.


This Is A Need To Know Basis
[Various Artists]

1. JUNIOR BATTLES – “Seventeen” (from the album, Idle Ages / Appears courtesy of Paper And Plastick Records)
2. JACOBS LADDER – “Scream (Railroad Tracks)” (from the album, Back To Life)
3. OLIVER TROLLEY – “Circles” (from the album, Circles / Appears courtesy of Gas Can Music)
4. CAR PARTY – “Pittsburgh” (from the album, Excuses)
5. ICARUS THE OWL – “She Taught Me Minesweeper” (from the album, Qualia)
6. OH NO FIASCO – “Stand In Lover” (from the album, Oh No Fiasco / Appears courtesy of Fiasco Records)
7. AT OUR EXPENSE – “Love Stories Don’t Come Like This” (from the album, Save The Decade)
8. NO REGIME – “Stand Up For The Weak” (from the album, As The World Implodes)
9. HANDS ON THE STEREO – “Tara” (from the album, Hands On The Stereo)
10. BANQUETS – “Lyndon B. Magic Johnson” (from the album, This Is Our Concern, Dude / Appears courtesy of Black Numbers)
11. THIS DAY WILL TELL – “We Left What’s Left Of Us In A Cloud Of Dust” (from the album, Too True To Be Good / Appears courtesy of Indianola Records)
12. OH, MANHATTEN – “Anti-Davinci” (from the album, Spiritual Warfare / Appears courtesy of Indianola Records)
13. VICES – “Find A Way” (from the album, Thieves & Royalty)
14. IN RETROSPECT – “For I Am King” (single 2011)
15. WITHIN WOLVES – “Biting The Hand That Feeds” (from the album, Within Wolves)
16. EVERY MINUTE CAN KILL – “Purpose” (single 2011)
17. DISMEMBER THE FALLEN – “Overcoming Reality” (from the album, Dismember the Fallen)
18. BURN THE WEAK – “Praying For Savior” (from the album, Let The Strong Prosper)
19. FINAL SACRIFICE – “Send Forth Your Hope” (from the album, Aspirations & Endeavors)
20. AUTOMATIC STATIC – “Drag Me Down” (from the album, Friends & Lovers / Appears courtesy of Gas Can Music)